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You may have noticed, if you were searching for Linens, that we have changed our name.  It was a very tough decision, but Linens by Lisa has officially become LBL Event Rentals.

We started the project over a year ago.  One of the main reasons, it’s very tough to have your name on a business.  I’ve been told for years that “You are Linens by Lisa”.  While that may have been true in the beginning, saying that is an injustice to all the people that make our company run.

“Hello, may I speak to Lisa?”  It has been the number one thing said since we started over 19 years ago.  Since I was the only person in the office, I didn’t think much about it.  Over the years it became a joke.  We have had several employees named Lisa… Linda- Lisa, Mia- Lisa, Kayla- Lisa and now Katie- Lisa.

When people call us back, they automatically say, “I spoke to Lisa.”  Not always possible for me to answer every call, although I’d love to speak with each and every client.  Poor Linda hasn’t had an identity since she started working with me over thirteen years ago.  Today I may be the face of LBL Event Rentals, but our incredible staff members are the backbone of the company.

We are going to remedy that!  Last July, we unveiled our name at the Bridal Extravaganza.  Since that time we have changed our presence in print with The Knot and Weddings In Houston.  We have been working on our web site for the past six months and have just made the switch.  Woo Hoo!

Last week Linens by Lisa became LBL (sneaky eh?).  Still true to the original, we kept a similar color scheme, stars and of course our initials remain the same.  We are continuing to add content to our site.  Our on line presence has changed with Wedding Wire, The Knot and Facebook.

Come see us in our remodeled showroom.  Check out all the inventory we have added and meet our friendly staff.  We are committed to making your next event a lasting memory.

Linen Rentals Houston

New Name… Same Great Service

A Fabric Affair- “Loving what you do!”

A Fabric Affair-  "Loving what you do!"

Do what you love, but more importantly, Love what you do!  How incredible is it to wake up every day and know that you have the good fortune to do what you love.

No matter what it is, caring for our families, working with your hands, creating, demolishing.  Is your passion working with children or with seniors, volunteering or teaching.  No matter what we do, be the best you can be at what you choose to do. Love it!…

We are Family

We are Family

I have heard many people talk about “family.”  Not our blood family, but our extended family.  Those people that we spend so much of our time with, week in and week out.  Our industry family, our extended family our friends.…

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