Centerpieces add interest to the dining experience, creating ambience but not being obstructive.  The centerpiece should add color and texture without creating an impediment to conversation and sight linens.

In a large room, create interest by using 2 or three different tablescapes.  A room of the exact same table can be boring. Centerpieces with a high, medium and low option fills the sight line as guests walk in and can be filled by a candelabra, tall floral topped vase or decorative lamp.  A medium arrangement can be a cylinder with floral or candle light and the low can be a floral arrangement or assortment of candles.

Votives are space fillers and the candlelight adds the finishing touch for your centerpieces.  Votives are an inexpensive accent and come in a variety of colors, finishes and shapes.  Very popular options are the cradle and mercury finish.